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One thing that has been recommended to me multiple times has been to take an iPod Touch, and luckily for me I was given one free when I bought my Apple Mac a while back.  It makes perfect sense really, its extremely portable and will allow us to quickly look up information, wifi providing.

So yesterday I spent the day foraging through the 300,000+ apps in the app store to find the ones that I think will be most useful while traveling.


I have already briefly talked about Skype in a previous post, and if you haven’t got a free account yet you really should! Download the free app from the app store and you will be able to make free calls back to your loved ones when your connected to wifi. Or you can use it to make really cheap calls to book hostel etc. A definite must have.

Facebook & Twitter

Yes, I know a bit of an obvious choice because if you haven’t already got these installed you must have been living in a shell! Even so they deserve a mention as both free apps are a great way to keep in contact and let people know what you are up to.


Again I talked about Evernote quite extensively in a previous post and not only is it useful for planning your trip, but I think it could prove equally as useful while you are out there as well.

It will be handy to be able to make quick notes about this and that. Names of recommended hostels, phone number, places to see anything, and again its free so you haven’t got much to lose!


If you run a WordPress blog while you’re away you would be pretty silly to ignore this app. Create posts and pages and reply to comments straight from your iPod as long as you have a wifi connection. I can imagine this could save you quite a bit of time as you’ll be able to hop on the wifi at internet cafés rather than waiting in the queue for a slow computer.

South America – Offline map with directU

Obviously not much good if you are not traveling to South America, but they do a number of other maps as well, so make sure you look. Unlike Google maps, this app will allow you to view the maps while not connected to wifi. Apparently it can also give you basic directions as well. Probably not a replacement for a real map, but useful if you’re in a fix. Again its free!

World Nomad Language Guides

I can’t believe these are free! They support a huge number of languages including even more obscure ones such as Swahili! the apps contain all the most essential basic phrases you will need sorted so they are easy to find. There is also a plus version that contains even more phrases for £1.19. I don’t know about you but I’m downloading Spanish and Portuguese right away!

Hostel World

You arrive after a long bus ride, you’re tired, you’re not entirely sure where you are and all you want to do is sleep. No problem crack out you iPod, open the app and search for the hostels near you. Great in your time of need.

Angry Birds

The first paid for app on this list, but at only £0.59 its hardly breaking the backpackers’ budget! The only use this app has is preventing you from falling into madness on those mind numbingly boring bus journeys. Its and addictive game and they are always adding new levels and updates to keep you interested.

That’s it for the moment, but I will add any more apps that I think will be useful as I find them. Feel free to suggest your own favourites as well.

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