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Travel blogs like this one can be a great way to keep you friends and family updated about your travels. Don’t be put off by the techy side of things, there are a number of services available that make setting up a blog extremely simple.

WordPress is the Goliath of the blogging world, with 15.1 million blogs hosted on, and a further 17.4 million installations of wordpress on privately hosted blogs! That is a huge amount, and for good reason too.

WordPress is an extremely easy to use and flexible piece of software. You can have a blog set in minutes, and its wide user base means that if you get stuck there is a wealth of tutorials online that will help you out.

On you can get you blog for free. Simply sign up, choose a name (you will get a web address like, pick one of the thousands of free or paid themes, and get blogging.

WordPress is my personal choice, simply because I think it is the most flexible solution and I think it leaves the most room for your blog to expand.

Much like,, Blogger gives you the opportunity to get your own blog for free. Blogger takes a much more streamlined approach to wordpress and offers a simpler array of features. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a positive or a negative. If you have no experience of blogging you will find blogger very easy to set up and get started, but you could soon find yourself out growing its limited options.

That said, Blogger is still very customizable, and there is a forever growing number of themes that can be applied to your site, even though a lot of them don’t compare to the quality of the wordpress themes available.

Another free service! As you probably guessed this one aimed specifically at travelers and backpackers. Unlike WordPress or Blogger, you don’t get your own web address but it does have some advantages in other areas. For example, generously gives you unlimited photo uploads, unlimited video uploads, and unlimited blog posts. With or blogger you are limited by the amount of free web space they give you.

As is a specific traveling community, it could also be an interesting place to talk to other people who have, or are traveling in the same areas as you. is yet again another free service aimed specifically at travelers. Like, you don’t get your own sub domain (web address) but TravelPod has some really cool features.

Once again you pretty much get unlimited everything, but TravelPod also has some very nice tricks up its sleeve. On your profile you get a sleek trip time line. Its hard to describe, but it plots each of your destinations and blog posts along the line, and when rolled over shows your route on a map. Check it to see what I mean. A simple idea, but a very useful one.

If I were to choose between and, I think TravelPod would just pip the competition. Its the little extra things that set it apart from like the time line and its in general more professional looking design.

Wrap Up

I think the overall consensus of this post, whichever service you choose, is GET A BLOG! Not only is it nice for your family and friends to be able to experience your trip with you, but I also think its nice for you to have a record of your trip for yourself, and why not? With all these great services around its easier than ever before.

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