The Route

This is the provisional route so far. This isn’t exact, and almost definitely will change somewhere along the way for one reason or another. Luckily for us, we have flexible plane tickets so changing route is not going to be a problem. Oh, and as you can see, we are still only visiting a fraction of the world this time around, but technically, we are flying all the way around the world. Hopefully after this trip we will have another opportunity visit some of the places we missed out this time.

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The Plan

As you can see, the most ambitious and complicated part of our trip is South America. The route marked out on the map highlights most of the main places we would like to go and see. We are going to be traveling over land by bus, bike, train or any other means of transport we can find that is heading in the right direction! Its not going to be easy. Setting out in February means there will be quite a lot of rain around which is bad news for the roads. Especially in countries like Bolivia where the majority of roads are nothing more than muddy tracks.

We expect road closures, landslides, pot holes and many a long bus ride to get to our destinations, but we can all agree we’re sure it will be worth it, and to be honest, it will probably make it all the more exciting!

Once we are done with South America, we are heading off to New Zealand. Our plan here is to hire one of the ridiculously colorful but reasonably priced camper vans, and make our way down south on our own accord.  We reckon this will definitely be a very budget friendly option. You have all your accommodation and transport for the price of one. (Obviously with the added cost of petrol). It could even work out cheaper than South America!

Both Arthur and Ben have friends/family in NZ so we will be stopping off at certain points along the way. We also hope to get some skiing in at some point. To be honest, in New Zealand we are going to be pretty much going wherever the wind takes us. All we have is our ticket in to Auckland, and our ticket out from Christchurch. We thought it would be much more important to get a decent plan down for South America as traveling in NZ and Australia should be a breeze in comparison.

At the moment we are still in the process of working out Australia. Currently we have tickets in and out of Sydney. This is probably going to change though as Ben is very keen to ge some scuba diving in.