The Pantanal Day 2

Piranha In The Pantanal


The Pantanal, Brazil

We apologise for another very delayed post but here is the second installment of our time in the Pantanal, which unlike the first day had very few mosquitoes… NOT. This time we had a jungle trek and piranha fishing to look forward to!

Jungle Trek

Pantanal Jungle Trek

Trekking through the jungle we looked more like we should be skiing!

After an early awakening, both because of the sun rise and the fact that breakfast was at 5:00am, we split into our groups for different activities. Our group was the three of us, two Germans named Ben and Samuel and an Israeli nurse, as well as our guide Sandro. We got into the jeep wearing three layers, a t-shirt, a jumper and raincoats! Why? Because the jungle has 10 more times the number of mosquitoes than the rest of the Pantanal, and that is a lot when you consider how many there are anyway! Of course you get very very hot. After finishing the and taking of the layers it looked like we had gone for a swim fully clothed!

Caiman guarding the nest

The Caiman guarding the nest

Apart from not feeling great and wearing very silly clothing the trip was great, and Sandro was great at being able to spot everything from Howler monkey´s to Kingfishers to an Caiman that was protecting its den. Also teaching us about a very bitter plant which if crushed (apart from being very difficult to drink) seemed to cure near enough anything including, luckily, stomach problems.

After getting picked up about two hours later we returned to the camp and had lunch as well as a very hot and sticky nap before our afternoon of Piranha fishing with Sandro.

Piranha Fishing

Piranha Fishing In The Pantanal

The Piranhas stood no chance against Arthur's fishing prowess!

We had heard a lot about the Piranha fishing from other groups as one of the best bits of the expedition, so we were really looking forward to it. We went to the edge of the river with nothing on our feet so that we didn’t ruin our boots and also its apparently easier to fish with no shoes on?.

To catch a fish is quite easy and everyone caught at least about 5 or 6 fish each. After talking to Arthur (who caught the most and the biggest) he suggested to stand slightly up stream, take a big piece of meat (in our case cow heart) and leave your hook in the water until the Piranhas start to nibble, and then with a quick snap of the rod, set the hook. When they are out the water you can hear them chattering their teeth, and strangely the also make a kind of bark!

After fishing and returning to the camp, you de-scail the fish, gut them and slice them along their rib cage so that they can be fried, and then finally EATEN!!!!! It tastes really great! With a squeeze of lime you eat the white fish off the bone. It tastes much better than it look!

End of the Second Day

After a day of fishing, walking and a hell of a lot a mosquito bites we had a very well earned sleep but not after an evening of cheat (a card game for any of you don´t know) and another game which we named Sandro after theguide,. It was a great day, thanks to the people, the guides as well as the very compfy hammocks we slept in.

Be back very soon with the third and last day of the Pantanal.

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  • Y Bates

    Fishing trip sounds the best. Shame about the mozzies!!

  • Jacqui

    Brave, with your feet in the piranha infested river, very brave!! I’ll have to take your word for the fact that it taste good. I bet your guide didn’t layer up to avoid the mossie’s, I expect they are used to them.
    A good read as always.

  • Lucy

    Sounds another good day and guite small group sizes which is probably more fun. Can’t see you cleaning the fish Ben! Looking forward to the 3rd and final day in Pantanal presumably with the riding experience! x

  • Piranha fishing sounds awesome. Do they try to bite you when you take the hook out?

    • Haha Im sure they would but the guide would kill them with a knife to the back of the head before trying to take it out! While they are hanging there they snap like crazy!

  • True explorers! PIranha for lunch and a slice of Caiman steak for dinner! Go for it boys!

    • Haha the Piranha was seriously good! You wouldn’t think it tastes that great by looking at it, but as they say “Never judge a book by it cover”

  • Sounds like an pretty exciting, albeit uncomfortable, experience. Can’t imagine being in the jungle with all of that gear on. Keep us posted on the next part of your adventures.

    • Yeah it was hard work but a really worthwhile experience!

  • Piranha fishing- fierce! I’ve never heard about this.

    • Haha its not actually that scary, but I’m sure if one did get hold of you it would be really really painful!

  • Eating a Piranha – I suppose it’s either them or you!

  • Y Bates

    Absolutely wonderful new photos. You are truly on a great adventure.

  • Anonymous

    holy crap that first photo is freakin’ awesome! ha ha. sounds like a great adventure. keep ’em coming! 🙂

    • Yeah those teeth were razor sharp. Vicious animals!

  • Piranha fishing seems easy! Everyone caught fish but the no shoes is questionable but I guess it works. How sharp are the teeth of the fish and is the taste like any other white fish.