Sucre Mirador


Sucre, Bolivia

Relaxing in Bolivia’s “official” Capital during the brass bands and water fights of Carnival, seeing its picturesque Cathedral, eating at Cafe Gourmet Mirador overlooking the whole city twice, testing our cooking ability and realising that drinking at altitude is not an easy thing to overcome.

Our Arrival

Sucre Architecture

Impressive buildings like this are scattered all around Sucre, but especially near the main square.

After our first crazy bus journey from Santa Cruz, we arrived in Sucre early in the morning. All we wanted to do was find a place to calm down and recoup some energy from the lack of sleep on the bus. This was our first taste of altitude but 2750m was a good introduction. Sucre is in a pretty picturesque setting, set amongst rolling hills with the centre of the city filled with colonial architecture.

We soon realised it was the norm in Bolivia walking up steep streets and with our hostel at the top of one of these streets we started using taxi’s to get back from town at Ben’s behest. Also, being in Sucre in the middle of Bolivian carnival, there were brass bands playing throughout the streets in the evening, water fights city-wide (this is what told us something was going on)  and we felt it necessary to arm ourselves with water bombs when walking the street!

Religion and Markets

Our first day was spent walking around and getting used to Sucre, visiting a Cathedral just off the main square which featured lots of colonial art and artifacts of Christianity from the local area. We then found the main market, which as we found out in Bolivia, is usually great fun and full of things to taste. We also thought that the markets tended to tell you what the atmosphere of a place would be like. Sucre has two main markets but there are pretty much markets stalls on every street selling almost anything you could want.

Testing our Culinary skills

Cooking from Bolivian markets in Sucre

The beast of a burger made rediculously cheaply from fresh mince from the market! Yum!

The  second day was spent going in and out of these markets, gathering things together for making dinner. We certainly got a lot of food for our money and you are often given a lot more than you might need! Which is certainly no bad thing for young guys like us. We decided on burgers, but these would be no ordinary burgers. Our culinary skills really shined through and we made burgers which will go down in history.

Carnival’s Revenge

Our final day was mostly spent in bed after enjoying the carnival celebration a tad too much and our first evening of altitude drinking. We had an awesome lunch at the Cafe Gourmet Mirador which is located right up near the monastery to the west of the city  and looks out over the city . The food was so great, Jozef and I both had (surprisingly large portions of) Pasta and Ben’s Crepe was so good he went back for a second, plus the city is pretty so looking out over it was really nice.

Sadly, we only spent 3 days in Sucre but I really enjoyed the place, and it was a great reintroduction to Bolivia after our middling experience of Santa Cruz and our glimpse of Quijjarro.

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  • You guy sure know how to have fun. I enjoy your travel tales, but how did you break your finger?? Hope it’s healing well and not too much of an inconvenience.

    • Like Inka, I am very curious to know how you broke you finger! What an adventure that must have been.

      BTW, the ginormous burger looks delish!

      • Haha I walked into a log and knocked it over onto my finger! Really stupid! It was a compound fracture meaning the bone had broken through the skin!  

  • Jacqui

    Great read boys. I do remember the odd tweet @zefwebdesign:twitter after a night of drinking in Sucre. Sounds like a must visit place & water fights with the locals, well what more could 3 big kids want. xx

  • I will be traveling in Bolivia in a few months. Although I try to avoid most capital cities in Latin America, this looks like one that is worth a few days.

    •  Yeah it is not like a capital city at all. Or at least not like a modern one like London or New york.

  • Sucre sounds terrific. Glad you enjoyed it so much. I think I would, too. Food, drink, scenery, architecture – love it!

    •  We were really glad we made the effort to go there. Such a nice and scenic place.

  • Ha! I love how you armed yourselves with water bombs before you walked the streets. 😉 Sounds like you had fun, though!

    •  It was a neccessity. If you had no defence you got completely soaked!

  • I hear alot of good things about Bolivia. Might have to put it on my travel wishlist!

    • I defintely would if you can, its a really interesting place to visit! 

  • Wayra

    Thank you for the pictures and happy memories of Bolivia – have not seen it for forty years!