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Murupara, New Zealand

After six days north of Auckland and being in the hospital for Jozef’s finger (soon the cause will be revealed) we ventured down to Rotorua to organise some White Water Rafting. We looked around at the different companies but soon chose Raftabout because they offered the best prices looked enthusiastic, and they were the most professional looking company. A fantastic wet, wild and wicked day of adventure followed.

Location and booking

Raftabout and Riverrats office New Zealand

The Raftabout office is easy to spot!!

We arrived at Rotorua and heard that there was White Water Rafting close by but didn’t know many companies so after some research (thanks to MacDonald’s Wi-Fi a great source of free internet in a place where internet use is pretty expensive!) we had found a few companies around and went out to see them. Lots of their prices were similar and didn’t seem to be very different in terms of layout, rafting or the staff but then we got to Raftabout.

They welcomed us in, were really friendly and explained exactly what they did and where you went, the rivers they rafted on and the staff you did it with. We decided to go for the Rangitaiki River trip from Murupara (a town 45 minutes outside Rotorua) at NZ$125 for 3 to 4 hours on the Grade 3-4 river.  unfortunately the grade 5 Kaituna river was closed due to the really heavy rain we were caught in two nights before!

The Start of the Day

Raftabout offer a transfer from Rotorua to Murupara at 10:30am from their office on SH33. We decided to stay just outside Murupara in a DOC (Department of Conservation) campsite  which was close enough to get there at half 10 in the morning.

After looking around Murupara for a while we found their office at a campsite on the state highway and waited for Raftabout to arrive. Bang on 11:30 they arrived and we were straight into the days activity, changing into our wetsuits, as well as all being given lifejackets and helmets.

Rafting down the Rangiteiki

Arthur and I got into their mini-bus with 5 other rafters and 5 guides and started our half hour trip up to the start of the river getting to know everyone, talking about the new Hobbit film, learning about the equipment and what we would be doing that day. After a quick safety talk we got into the boat and were ready to go.

After going over the different directions on the water we went straight into a Grade 4 rapid and it was crazy, amazingly fun but crazy. It set the tone for the rest of the day, and it was a rocking tone!! We went from rapid to rapid and although the water was a little cold, when you did stop the forest and the views around you were spectacular.

After an hour and a half of great rafting and a couple of battles between the boats, we got back to the van and headed back for lunch. Lunch was good with loads of snacks to refill energy and provided a chance to talk about the days rafting. Everyone else got taken back to Rotorua and we got back to discover that Jozef had eaten 3 portions of macaroni cheese and was suffering as a result! We then moved on to Taupo!

Check out Raftabout’s website if you’re into throwing yourself into raging torents!: http://www.raftabout.co.nz/

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  • Jacqui

    Sounds lots of fun. Shame Zef had to miss out but the price you pay for a broken finger. Must have been good macaroni cheese, for Zef to eat 3 portions!!

  • Y Bates

    Totally AWESOME!!

  • I love white water rafting so so much; getting the chance to raft in New Zealand would be a dream!

  • 3 portions of macaroni and cheese along with rafting sounds like a great way to enjoy a day!

  • I think I’d rather had a day of white water rafting than three serves of macaroni cheese. Dying to hear what happened to Jozef’s thumb, though.

  • Rotorua must be the wild sports capital of the world. Sounds like you had fun.

  • inka

    Missed your posts Jozef. You are always good for a great adventure.

  • Sounds like fun.  A Grade 4 rapid right at the start sounds like an excellent way to get the adrenalin flowing!

  • Poor Jozef – a trip to the hospital because of his finger and then  a macaroni and cheese overdose! sounds like you’ve had lots of fun though. Grade 4 sounds pretty challenging.

  • Kelly

    So cool! White water rafting is awesome and NZ is a great place to do it! Curious to know what’s going on with Jozefs finger! 

  • Grade 4 Rapids had to be one WILD ride! Sounds like you loved it1

  • Looks like an awesome time!

  • When you see the photos of the finger I think you may regret being so curious! haha

  • Rafting in NZ sounds like it would be fun.  However, I had one too many traumatic experiences with rafting so no thanks! 🙂

  • I’ve done rafting once, in Turkey – it was so much fun. I would love to do it again, and what better place to do it than in New Zealand? You get to enjoy action AND beautiful nature!