Pantanal Day 3

Horse Riding In The Pantanal


The Pantanal, Brazil

The third day had a different feel to it, slightly more relaxing but we were also leaving the Pantanal which would be a relief from mosquitoes, but would also mean we had to leave this great place.


Riding Through The Swamp In The Pantanal

Riding through the swamp in the Pantanal, sometime the water would get very deep. Be prepared to get splashed!

After the  usual day-break awakening we had our breakfast, and again got onto the truck which took us from the camp site to the horse ranch to meet our transport for the morning. The 2:30 hour round trip took us through swamps, jungles, fields and rivers where we saw everything from caiman to cows and stags to stalks. This really showed off the diversity of the Pantanal, and the weather was once again perfect as the horses waded through swamps as we where taken deeper into the Pantanal. Toucans flew past overhead and our guides heard a group of small pigs which are apparently really aggressive so it was a good job we didn’t actually see them.

The  horses were great, well trained and did exactly what you wanted and also the staff were much the same, not meaning to compare them to horses, but they knew their stuff, looked after everyone and made sure the horses stopped when they needed to. The horse ride was an extra which not everyone goes for as its an extra day but personally I think it is worth staying for as its a great morning with minimal mosquitoes and a lot to see.

Ecological Experts Review

Our experience with this company was very positive, from when we first met them  in the Foz Do Iguacu bus station until we parted as we made our way to Corumba. The guides were locals of the Pantanal and had a wealth of knowledge of the area as well as being very friendly . The days spent in the Pantanal were kept gratefully sparse with either two or three activities a day, as the blistering heat at times proves hard to deal with. But there is plenty of time to rest and adjust.

The evenings were also very enjoyable as you have to amuse yourselves with the other short term inhabitants but this is by no means a drawback as we found out so much to do further on in our trip through the people we met. We have found this the best way of knowing what to do next, meeting people and hearing what they did as you can judge the enthusiasm for which they hold their experience.

Overall, we would definitely recommend Ecological Expeditions to anyone thinking of heading to the Pantanal. But there is one thing that you must remember, this is the wild and perhaps not for someone expecting to definitely see a Jaguar or a Puma because of the nature of the Pantanal with its thick undergrowth and the secretive nature of these animals.

As always you can view all our photos from the Pantanal on Flickr!

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  • Jacqui

    The pony trek looked good & horses, very well behaved. I think it was a gentle way to spend a 4th day in the wetlands. Couldn’t agree more, about what you said to expect, any wildlife is a blessing, as you are in their habitat & they know how to keep well hidden.
    Great way to meet new friends & find good places to visit, that hadn’t occurred to you.
    Great read as always.

  • Steve Maxted

    Looks like a lovely, serene ride, on a sunny day. Perfect!!!

  • Lucy

    Love the header photo! The video is good too a nice gentle hack through the swamps! Are you all going to take up riding when you get home?
    As you have learnt word of mouth is the best recommendation and has lead you to some great adventures. x

  • That sounds like such a great day!

  • You people are keeping BUSY!

    • Haha we certainly are, we are really behind with the blog so there is plenty more to come!

  • Fun, fun, fun! Yeah, it’s probably good to get away from the mosquitoes for a while and head on to new adventures. What’s next?

    • Well we are heading into Chile tomorrow and have already been through Bolivia and Southern Peru so as you can see we are really far behind! haha

  • I had no idea you could go horseback riding in the Pantal! I would love to see wild pigs, but I’ve heard they’re dangerous as well and I love seeing toucans in the wild. I’m so jealous of your trip.

    • Neither did we! It was a nice surprise and probably the highlight of the tour

  • Anonymous

    you’re having all these big adventures! love it!