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So far I have been focusing on where we are about to go, but it occured to me yesterday that it would be a nice idea to have a post about where we come from and the surrounding areas. What better way to do it than in a picture post (plus the fact I wanted an excuse to test my new travel camera).

Disclaimer: I don’t proclaim to be a great photographer, and this was the first time I had used the camera so be kind to me. That said I am really keen to imrpove my photography skills so if anyone has any tips they would be greatley appreciated!

Myself, Arthur and Ben all live in the South East of England. As you will see in the photos, it is an interesting actually a fairly nice place to live, with some nice scenery and a historical background.

Camber Sands

My home village, Camber Sands in my opinion is the best beach in the UK. In the summer thousands upon thousands of people visit from all over the country to sunbathe on its golden sand, and play in the giant sand dunes.

Camber from atop a giant sand dune

Marsh land and farms lie behind the beach. This area used to under the sea

The sand dunes are covered in long grasses

The sand drifts like snow

The sand covered berries that grow on the very edge of the beach. I wouldn't try eating one.

Seagulls will sit at the Harbour mouth all day

Fishing rope like this gets washed up all over the beach

The Village post box could do with a lick of paint


The closest town to my house. This ancient town used to be an island surrounded by the sea. I won’t go into the history of the place as we would be here for ever, but the town used to be a smuggling hot spot and has many great stories to tell.

Sheep in the snow before christmas. You can see Rye in the background.

The imposing Landgate that used to serve as a defence for the town.

Not a great photo, but it gives you an idea of what some of the houses look like in Rye.


Technically speaking, the photos below are not really from Appledore, but it is the closest point on a map to them. Near Arthur’s house there is a small Church that seems to be ploncked in the middle of no where! The land it sits on used to be under the sea.

The church can be seen in the background beyond the gate. It must be kept closed to keep the sheep in that roam freely around it.

As you can see it really is in the middle of nowhere. Apparenlty a village used to lie here called Fairfields around 1595, but the Church is all that remains.

The church is very understated and has almost no decorations.

I have been told that the original church was enitrely wood and still exists beneath the more modern brick. Whether this is true or not I don't know.

Any way that will do for the time being, if you want to see more of the photos I took on these day check out my Flickr. We will be posting the photos of our trip their as well!

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  • Akafix

    This a very nice area and your pictures are very beautiful.
    Is the church in nowhere land still operational?

    • Thank you! Yes I think a service is held there once a month. So it doesn’t operate like your average church, but it still is used every now and then.

  • Love the nice warm pictures taken around. What camera were you using? Didn’t see you mention it.

    Happy New Year 2011!


    • Hi David glad you like the pics! I was using a little Samsung ES73 compact camera. It is perfect for traveling really impressed so far. Stay tuned I plan to write a small review in the next week!

  • And this is why I love the UK. Can be a bit of a harsh place to live at times but some of the landscapes and architecture are beautiful!

    • To right! We may get ripped off on prices, some of the laws and policies are rediculous, and the sun doesn’t come out to shine that often… but when it does I think you savour it more.

  • Steffy dechina

    I tuerly love the english country side, it’s so beautiful and your pictures prove it once again! You’re quite lucky to live in this picturesque place:)
    Great post thanks:)

    • No problem! Glad you liked it. I enjoyed taking the photos 😉

  • Camera working well! Look forward to reading more of your travels!

  • Aviewtoathrill

    How lovely, I’ve never heard of Camber Sands, I regret to say. One of the great things about reading everyone’s blog is that you become exposed to so many wonderful locales that you never knew existed!

    • I totally agree! I’ve learnt so much about places I had never even heard of after I started reading everyones travel blogs. Camber is a stuning beack though, if you’re ever in the UK be sure to take a day trip here!

  • Those photographs are fantastic! I’m going to check this little camera out.

    Your part of the UK is beautiful. Makes me want to visit.

    • Thanks! Its a great little camera, I was a bit worried about how good it would be because I got it from play.com for £60!!!! So cheap, but it takes really nice photos. Like a said above though, I’m going ot write a proper review in a couple of days time, so be sure to check that out when its done.

  • these are really beautiful photos

  • Travelbugjuice

    Awesome! Wow, you live in a really nice area! It’s funny because it’s just not what I picture when I think of England.. can I come visit sometime??? I want to sunbathe!!

    • Haha yeah England has some very varied landscapes and I would agree beaches aren’t the first thing that come to my mind either! If you’re ever in the UK though definitely come for a day, as long as its not raining!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful pictures 🙂 Makes me miss the UK (a little bit) definitely not the weather though!