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Planning this sort of trip is not by any means easy, and anything that can take some the pain out of the planning process is welcomed. Its not just the gathering of information that is hard, its how to store it and keep it organized once you have got it that can be the real tricky part.

My first method was sticky notes. This worked great at first, I even had a fancy colour coded system. Flights were pink, information about countries were yellow etc etc. Unfortunately, my wall and desk quickly became an unfathomable Mosaic of sticky notes.

This is fine for the early stages of planning to keep track of the very basic information but you will soon out grow it.


Now I use a very different system. I have found a great and free service called Evernote. Basically Evernote allows you to save and organise your ideas, notes, lists and a lot of other things.

All you need to do is make a free account on their website, download the app and your off, your note and list making will never be the same again. The program is really quick and easy to use and you’ll be making notes in no time.

The best thing about Evernote is that you can search through all of your notes using a search box just like you would on google. Obviously this is a massive advantage over the post it note technique I was using before as I no longer have to  fumble through hundreds of dusty sticky notes.

Another thing I like about Evernote is that it has a mobile app. I don’t know about you but I always find that I come up with ideas and things that need to be added to the list when I’m least trying to, and if I actually sit down specifically with the aim to come up with a list, I find it very hard. This is very frustrating because I’m usually no where near a pen or paper so I’m forced to try and remember it. With the Evernote mobile app I no longer have this problem.

Any note I make on the computer automatically syncs with my phone and vice versa. This is great because I usually always have my phone with me so I can now add to my notes from anywhere.

Another advantage over sticky notes is the way you can attach links, take screenshots of websites, or take a picture. This saves me a lot of time writing out long URLs and consequently making mistakes.

Each note you make can also have tags added to it. These are essentially keywords that can be used to sort your notes. For example if I was making a note about bus travel in Bolivia, I would add the tags “Bolivia, Travel, Bus”. Then if I wanted to find all my notes about Bolivia I could click the Bolivia tag and all of them would be quickly listed.

So save yourself the hassle of clearing up stacks paper and check out Evernote, it will save you a lot of time.

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