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Yes I like to make up words. You have probably already guessed that Frightcitement is a combination of excitement and fright, or frightening. With less than a month until we leave, those to words more or less some up how I’m feeling right now.

Frightcitment – The state of feeling afraid in combination with great enthusiasm and eagerness to form an entirely new emotion.


I’ll talk about the excitement first. It’s not hard to explain, we’re traveling to a bunch of amazing countries, we’re going to see some breathtaking places, and we are going to meet some amazing people. If that doesn’t get you excited, there is something wrong with you!

Of course, those are just a three of the reasons I am excited, the real list is much longer and I have already talked about some of the specifics in previous posts but at the same time …


For effect I thought I would add a scray tree!

I’m very afraid, and I think it is completely rational. We are all below the age of 20, which I think you will agree is quite young to be setting off such an ambitious trip (but as I have said before, age should never be a limiting factor).

We are not the most linguistic of people. Do I think we will be able to get by? Yes, but it will certainly make things more of a challenge.

We are going to be away from home for a very, very long time. I have traveled with out my family before, but for no where near this amount of time, so they will definitely be missed.

Again, these are just a few or the reasons I find our round the world plans scary and there our a lot of other reasons too, but there is no way they are going to stop me, and here’s why …

Why It’s Worth It

Now you might think this is a silly analogy, but I think this is very similar to the feeling you get when you are about to get on a roller coaster. You are scared because you’re about to be thrown all over the place, but at the same time you’re excited because you know it will be fun in the end.

That’s the key point to focus on. It will be ok in the end and you will look back on the whole experience and be glad you stepped foot on the roller coaster, or in our case the plane!

Its about taking the plunge, biting the bullet, taking the bull by the horns, or however else you would like to put it. One thing is for sure though, if you don’t take the decisive steps and commit yourself to travel despite your apprehensions, you will miss out big time, and you surely will regret it in the long run.

Luckily for me, the excitement is by far out weighing the fears, so I should probably write it frightCITEMENT! Bring on February the 8th!

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  • What you guys are planning is awesome!

    • Thanks Glen, it’s nice to get encouragement!

  • So exciting and I totally get your “frightcitement”! It wouldn’t be as much fun if you were a cool cat about it!

    • Thanks Jade. I think you are right, you need a little bit of fear to make it more real!

  • Jacqui

    Yet another good post, as a parent, its difficult for us too & frightcitement is a good way to sum it up. Excited that you are seeing the world but frightened, we are not there to help when things don’t go to plan. We know that the opportunity is one not to be missed but doesn’t make it any easier for those left behind!!

    • Don’t worry Mum! Will be fine and besides, if you keep up with this blog it will be like you’re their with us! x

  • I think your analogy is great and I totally get it. Always great if excitement outweighs the fear. I think that if fear outweighs excitement it mean it’s just something you really don’t care about that much or are wise not to pursue. Otherwise — go for it and enjoy!

    • Thanks Cathy! I agree If you are rediculously scared you should probably reconsider. I think it is not as bad if you are going with friends though.

  • Amy

    Enjoy every moment of your trip! I’ve been traveling since May 1st and believe me, it goes by very, very quickly.

    • Thanks Amy. I’m sure you are right! It will probably go quicker than this last month before we leave is. TIme does fly

  • Turkeys For Life

    Love your countdown Jozef. I feel like we’re counting with you! Errrm, hate rollercoasters – Frightened before I get on one and terrified when I get off but I can understand your analogy if you’re a fan of them. 🙂 Not many more sleeps now…

    • Haha thanks, your right the analogy definately won’t work for everyone, but I hope you can still see where i’m going with it.

  • i’m so excited for you guys!!! i think your analogy is spot on and was actually thinking of the gist of that as a counter to your fears before i got there in your post. and once you’re there having all these amazing experiences, you’ll be so in the moment you’ll forget it might be perceived by some (and you pre-trip!) as scary 🙂 and as a fellow word-maker-upper i love frightcitement!

    • Thanks for being excited for us! Its lovely people like yourself that make it even less scary. Your right once we are out there, I’ll probably look back on this post and laugh!

  • Love the new word – frightCITEMENT and analogy of a roller coaster! They pretty much sums up the feeling right before a long adventure! I’m looking forward to hearing about it!

    • Glad you liked it! Don’t worry we will bring plenty of stories and photos once we’re out there!

  • Poi

    Not long to go – your right to be more excited than scared – you’re gonna have an amazing time!

  • I think it’s awesome that you are embarking on this adventure at such a young age. The date is getting so close! 🙂

  • Roller coaster rides are so much fun! You’ll have such a wild time on your trip

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  • Very cool, wish you all the luck on your travels, sounds like you will have enough frightcitement to last a lifetime. Look forward to reading about your adventures!

  • Aron

    Its going to be awesome!
    have fun!


  • Steve Maxted

    Very well described. Sums up the feeling nicely