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Chile is going to be the last leg in our tour of South America, but by no means are we looking forward to it any less than the other countries along the way. Quite the opposite! Chile has some amazing attractions so read on to find out the ones we are most looking forward to.


The mountains can just be made out in this pic of Santiago

Yes, and obvious choice I know, but it would be criminal to visit Chile without visiting its famous capital. If you are lucky enough to get a view of Santiago on a clear day, you will realise that Santiogo has probably one of the most spectacular settings of any city in the world, surrounded by snow capped mountains. Unfortunately, a clear day is a rare occurrence as the skyline is usually blighted by a pollution fueled smog.

The city itself is said to be very quirky, with lively markets, a mish mash of modern and colonial buildings, and colourful street life. The restaurant and nightlife scene a supposed to be pretty good too!

The (Many) National Parks

I didn’t realise it was possible for a Country to have so many jaw dropping National Parks! I don’t know what the official number is, but all you need to know is that there is a lot, and from what I’ve read and seen, they are awesome!

Each park can present a very different landscape, ranging from the 6000m high volcanoes in the Lauca National Park, to the forest covered valies of the privately owned Pumalín National Park, whichever one you visit (hopefully we will visit as many as possible), you are guaranteed some stunning views and the the photo opportunities that come as an extra.

The Chilean Coast

A prime example of the stunning Chilean Coast

The Chilean coastline is apparently 2580 miles long! Now I’m not a mathematician, but I’de say that makes the probability of there being something to see along the way pretty high!

Funnily enough I’m right (Yes! My GCSE in statistics paid off), the coastline is scattered with wild and jagged cliffs, tucked away coves and bays, and alluring beaches. The odd island is thrown in for good measure too.


As animals go, penguins are pretty high up the cool scale. If you squint it looks like they are wearing a dinner suit, they waddle around like they own the place, yet they’re actually pretty cute!

Ok so you probably guessed I don’t really know that much about penguins, but what I do know is that the Chilean coast is home to 4 species of the funny little fish birds. That’s a good point actually, what is a Penguin? A fish or a bird? My bets on a bird.

Anyway whatever family Penguins belong to, I’m quite looking forward to meeting those of the Chilean variety. According to my Chilean mate Alvarez, they are the best kind :p

Any Suggestions?

Having not been to Chile yet, we can’t actually recommend these places first hand (this will soon change!) so if any one has had any experience in Chile, we would love to hear from you! If you have been to any of the places, or think we have missed something important out, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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  • From what I know (and I have inside information on this), Vina del Mar on the coast (near Santiago) is very beautiful! I’ve been intrigued by Chile and have wanted to go there because of connections I have had in the past. Thanks for sharing your experiences and recommendations!

    • you can’t beat inside information! Will definitely have to check Vina del Mar out!

  • We’re heading to Chile for the first time in March and one of the places we’re most interested in is the lakes district in and around Pucon. We’re also doing a weeklong trek in Torres del Paine.

    • We should be there not to far from that time too! Torres del Paine does look amazing, I think that is a definite. I’m going to look into the Lake district around Pucon now. Thanks for the tips!

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  • A country I would love to see but I haven’t even set foot on the right continent yet…

  • We have been to Santiago, Valparaiso and sailed along through the patagonic channel (we actually sailed from BsAs to Valparaiso, which was amazing. Our time in Chile was largely marked by Kent being VERY sick, so we didn’t have the chance to explore the place like we would like to. I am hoping our travels take us back to Chile, as I would love to have a better grasp on what makes the country tick.

    You will be able to tell us soon enough!

    • Ah its always a shame when someone gets ill while traveling, sounds like you made the best of it though!

      Don’t worry we’ll keep you updated once we’re out there!

  • I am waiting to hear if the reality lives up to your expectations.

  • Steve Maxted

    I’m sure you’ll feel really ‘Chiled Out’, in such a great country!

  • From what I’ve heard of Chile (sadly, I haven’t been there yet), I think it will turn out to be a highlight of your trip. I know someone who spends a few months there each year (his mother is Chilean) and it looks and sounds like a wonderful place and people.

    • Yes I think you could be right! We have heard great things too. Also I think it will be nice because it is the last leg of the South America part of our trip. A great way to end it!

  • i have never been to chile, I am looking forward to your posts. you have very few days left according to your counter

    • Thank you! I know it was 3 weeks yesterday until we leave!

  • Chile is a great country, and I’m sure you’re going to have a blast there. I have one of my favorite memories not only from our RTW trip, but of my entire life, from Chile. Hiking to the top of an active volcano in Pucon, Chile in the lakes district was one of the absolute coolest experiences of my life. I highly suggest looking into it. If you’re a hiker, then Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia is about as good as it gets anywhere in the world. Chile is an amazing country, and I honestly wish we would have had more time there.
    Oooh, one more thing, make sure you try a “terremoto” while in Santiago. Best. drink. ever.

    • Haha that’s two votes for the Pucon lake district then! Sounds very very cool so will definitely check it out it would be great to hike to the top of an active volcano!

      Will be sure to check out the Terremoto in Santiago as well! I’m intrigued now haha Thanks for the tips 😉

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