Sitting in the airport (London Heathrow), just saw Bob Geldof reading the Financial Times. I’m not joking! It feels so great to finally be here after a fairly stressful week trying to get work finished before leaving!

Edit I inteneded to post this at the airport but none of the dam wifi would work! So here I am sitting in our first hostel posting it instead. Expect a least one other post this evening when we have some pictures to put up from Rio!

Loose Ends!

We had been hyper organised with sorting out everything to do with the trip, but I hadn’t taken into account the work (as in web design etc.) I needed to do in such a short amount of time.

Its a shame really, because having so much work to do meant I couldn’t get that excited about going. Instead I spent the last week or so frantically putting in the late nights trying to get everything done. On the brightside it paid off. With three days left I was finished and could then focus on the adventure before us.

At The Airport

Getting Dropped Off At London Heathrow

As always always, when you get closer to the departure date you realise there are still a lot of loose ends to tie up! Final bits of packing,  making sure your arrangements are solid for when you arrive, and checking flight tickets to name just a few. Luckily, with the later, as always Round The World Experts proved extremely helpful. All we had was our trip itinerary so I was a bit concerned that we would need to go online and download a ticket or something. This was on Saturday. I rang them up, got put straight through straight, and the cheerful (as always) representative from RTWE told me  that all we needed was our passports! At the same time I was also told the same thing via email and RTWE’s Twitter. They where right, we got to the airport, Ben placed his passport in the self check-in machine, our flights popped up and we were done. Pretty cool technology, saves a load of queuing time! 5 minutes later we had dropped off our bags, and now we have 2 hours to spare until our flight! Awesome.

Let the flight begin

Now I can be excited, no worries, backpack is packed, first accommodation booked, the transfer from Rio airport is booked, and an 11 and a half hour British Airways flight is ahead of us, and of course, all the amazing sights we will see during our trip.

Speaking of the flight, I have a bit of a plan! First things first, watch the film The Social Network. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a while so this is the perfect opportunity. Then I want to catch up with some blog stuff. We have a big backlog of writing that needs to be sorted out before it can be posted. What with the really busy week I’ve been having, the blog had to take a bit of a back seat, but now we have set off it will once again receive the attention it deserves! (I would also like to apologise to all the TBEX members I have been neglecting :D) Any other spare time I have will be spent watching more movies, sleeping, eating, or playing the inflight games.

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to friends and family was OK. I got the rudimentary tears from my parents, but that was to be expected. Obviously I will miss my family very much, and have never been away for anywhere near this amount of time. Beside knowing I will missing them, I didn’t find leaving too hard. When Arthur, Ben and I were discussing it earlier we all agreed that we don’t think the scale of what we are doing has hit us yet. It still only feels like we are going for a weeks holiday, and will be stepping back on a plane to the UK in seven days time. I’m not sure when the reality that we are going to be traveling thousands of miles across unfamiliar countries will hit us. When we land in Rio, two weeks into the journey, or when we are horribly lost in Bolivia (Yes it is bound to happen!), but when it does I’m sure it will hit hard.

Anyway, for the time being I will say goodbye to those that we have left behind, and hope you have a good five+ months without us! To Mum & Dad don’t worry we will be fine, and will keep in contact, and to my brother good luck with your GCSE’s, I know you will do great!

And that is that, the start of our journey. See you again later this year, we will be back before you know it!

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  • Jacqui

    So pleased the flight & hostel all worked out great. Knew you would be hot, as checked Rio’s weather forecast & looks like you are in for some really hot weather & humidity.
    We will of course miss you terribly but what an adventure you will all have & at least with the blog we can share that with you.
    Keep safe & keep blogging!!!

  • Steve

    The start of a bold adventure. Watch out for dehydration (plenty of water). I expect you are,already breaking in your new walking boots. Make the most of the heat as you are travelling on to some cold, high places later on. We will all be following your posts and tweets, with bated breath and excitement

  • Woo hoo — you’re now on the journey. I’ll be following your adventures!

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