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Definitely in New Zealand, and almost definately in Australia, we plan on hiring a campervan, and its going to save us a lot of money! If you don’t already have a driving license, make sure you get one before embarking on you trip because hiring a camper has a lot of advantages!

Now don’t get too excited, let me say now that this won’t work out for everyone, but for us, well we’ve hit the jackpot! If your going to New Zealand in their quiet season like us in around May/June, you could save yourself some serious money. By hiring a camper you’re essentially killing three birds with one stone.


Now most of the campervan hire companies in New Zealand seem to be coming in about the same when it comes to quotes, but Escape Rentals is the company we will prbably be going with. For a one month period, picking the camper up in Auckland, and dropping it off in Christchurch, we have been quoted NZ $1088.00 which with the current exchange rate works out at about £521.00.

If you divide this by 30 you get £17.4 a day. Divide that between the 3 of us and you get £5.80 each per day! If you were to stay in a hostel your looking at a bare minimum of NZ $14 (£6.71) per night. And thats a very cheap hostel.

So already it works out cheaper than staying in hostels and I haven’t even started talking about the other benifits yet!


If you add the extra cost of petrol on top you also get your transport! Bearing in mind that in general petrol in NZ is 40% than in the UK, and that these campervans go 500km on a full tank, this works out really cheap!

You won’t have to worry about catching expensive buses or trains.


Each of these campers comes with a gas cooker, sink, and fridge so you will be able to cook your own meals, instead of paying someone else to cook them for you! The savings might not be as drastic as with the points above, but if you’re on a tight bugdet, a saving is a saving.


Now this doesn’t save you any money but it is definitely and advantage. By hiring a camper we will have unlimted freedom. We won’t be constrained to the usuall bus routes, and we certainly won’t have to waste time waiting for buses or trains.

If we see somewhere we like while cruising around, we can stop, get out, and explore. What could be better than that?

Don't expcect a camper like this!

You Look Dam Cool

Again, not a money saving feature, but have you seen these vans?! Seriously if you haven’t try a quick google serach. Each one has had a bespoke paint job from local artists. They are crazy! You can pretty much garuntee you will never drive anything more colourful ever again.

If that lot isn’t enough to persuade you to looking into campervans in Australia and New Zealand, nothing ever will be.

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  • I’m really jealous that you’re going to be able to hire a campervan! I’m hitting New Zealand in March and was planning on doing the same BUT campervan companies don’t like giving the option of dropping off in Queenstown which is where we’re flying out of!

    It does look like the best way to see NZ tho so have fun! Love the picture of that Campervan too!

    • Ah that sucks. We’re really lucky that we are going at the time we are because the camper prices seem to triple in the peak season and we wouldn’t be able to afford that.

      Im sure you’ll still have a great time in NZ. I’ll be sure to follow your blog while your out there!

  • Jim

    Want a real big tip for saving – turn your itinerary around and travel in the reverse. So many fly into Auckland hire a camper, leave it and fly out of Christchurch that companies have to pay people to drive them back up to Auckland.
    So check out this link and see how you can hire a campervan for just a few dollars to drive one back up and still have some days exploring on the way.

    • Thanks for the tip Jim! Will definitely look into it, we’re always on the lookout for money saving opportunities!