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A quick Google for “Travel Blogs” will result in a huge number of results! There are loads out there, and its nice to know that you’re in good company company while traveling. During our planning phase and in my spare time I read a lot of these blogs, and those below are some of my favourites that should help give you ideas for more exciting holidays and trips.

Please note these are in no particular order and are all great blogs, there are more to come too. If you haven’t been included in this first batch there is a good chance you will appear somewhere at a later date =]

Round The World Travel For Couples

As the name suggests, this is the blog of couple Adam and Megan, a happy couple traveling the world. Why do I like this blog? Simply because they write some brilliantly useful posts! Their Tips for visiting the Salar de Uyuni post is a great example.

If you plan on travelling to South America I would go as far as saying their blog is a must read!

Twitter: @aseper

GlamourGranny Travels

Inka is a self proclaimed “Glamour Granny” traveling the world in style! She has travlled a lot, and you can always rely on her to write regular interesting articles about her travels.

In my opinion, the main thing that makes Inka’s blog special, is that she is proof that age does not have to be a limiting factor when it comes to travel, and I’m sure her blog has, and will continue to inspire both those young and old.

Twitter: @lilygogo

Adventures With Cloud People

Adventures With Cloud People is the adventure travel blog of Jess and Jamie. The reason I like this blog, as well as the interesting posts in general, is because these guys are pretty handy with a camera!

These guys are a definite must follow for those amognst us who are budding photographers.

Twitter: @thecloud_people

yTravel Blog

Caz and Craig are two Australians who are addicted to backpacking and world travel! 3 Days after getting married they set off on an unorthodox 5 year honey moon traveling and working around the world.

As you can imagine, during this time they have learnt a thing or two and have some excellent stroies, and as a result their site is a treasure trove of valuable tips and captivating posts.

Twitter: @ytravelblog

No Place To Be

No Place To Be is the appropiatly named travel blog of a young English couple, Kirsty and Poi. They have been traveling China and South East Asia from August 2010. They believe in a slow and steady aproach to travel to make sure nothing is missed a long the way.

If you like reading light hearted posts with a splash of humour, I’de suggest you head right over to thier wonderful blog.

Twitter: @NoPlaceToBe

And Many More To Come

This list should be enough to get you started but by no means is it finished! Rest assured next week I will post another addition with even more great travel bloggers. If you can’t wait until then, here is a sneak peak of those I hope to include in the near future: @TravelingWithS @amzkiz @ayngelina @travelcanucks @vagabond3live @NVRguys @globotreks @ExpatGermany @toddwassel @AsWeTravel @travelbugjuice @StruxTravel @InspirngTrvlrs @budgettravelsac @migrationology @theroamantics @turkeysforlife @_TheTraveller_ @maitravelsite @atramp_abroad @foxnomad @adventurouskate @theplanetd @Overyonderlust

(Note to the bloggers. You all have excellent blogs, and the order of the this post bares no relation to my opionion of your blog, they all have great aspects and have been chosen completely randomly from my subscriptions. To those of you who have not been included this time I promise you will be in the future 😉 I like to try and keep everyone happy haha)

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  • Very good selection. Some already knew but other peoples have pleasantly surprised me.

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