An Introduction To South Africa

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As you may know, Ben, being the lucky guy that he is, left for South Africa on Monday and will be sunning himself out there for four weeks. If all goes well, we will bring you a couple of posts from him about his time out there, and of course pictures also. But before all of that, it only seems fair I give the country a brief introduction.

Most peoeple are aware that South Africa has had its troubles in the past, but thankfully most of these troubles are long gone, and especially after hosting the World Cup, South Africa is becoming a very popular tourist destination, and rightly so!

Getting There and Getting Around

Traveling to South Africa is no harder than flying to any country. Just book your ticket, sit back and enjoy the flight. Whether you’re flying to either of South Africa’s main airports, OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, or Cape Town International Airport, you are looking at an 11 and a half hour plus flight time, so make sure you take something to keep you occupied. If you’re the kind of person that likes last minute holidays you can find great deals on flights.

Once you are there, getting around should not be a problem. There are plenty of very reasonably priced bus services that will take you almost anywhere, but like in any foreign country, a bit of common sense is needed when choosing a bus, and it is probably better to pay a bit more for a safer larger company.

Things To Do

Well where do I start, the list is almost endless. It’s highly unlikely you will find your self bored in South Africa. Being such a diverse country there is plenty to do all year round, but to avoid writing a book, I’ll just list the four things that appeal to me most.

A South African Game Reserve

Safaris: Probably the first thing to come to my mind when I think of South Africa. Heading out into one of the huge game reserves on the lookout for Elephants, Giraffe, Lions and all other manner of wildlife must be an amazing experience, and is something I’m very keen to do in the future.

Diving With Great Whites: While Ben is out there, in his last week he plans on doing some scuba diving. Now I don’t think he plans on meeting any sharks along the way, but strangely meeting a Great White Shark appeals to me. A number of companies now offer the opportunity to dive with the sharks in the safety of a cage. A nice option to have if you’re a fan of your limbs!

Ride an Ostrich: Now this sounds crazy, and apparently it is extremely hard but I would love to give it a go. These huge non-flying birds can reach a scary 35 mph while carrying a person!

Spectacular Table Mountain

Visit Cape Town: Situated on South-Western tip of Africa, Cape Town is not only a bustling cosmopolitan city, but also a place of jaw dropping natural beauty. Loomed over by the iconic Table Mountain, Cape Town is an easily recognisable city that will have something to interest everyone.

With out doubt, this list is just a drop in the pond, and doesn’t do justice to this wonderful country, but stay tuned for Ben’s pictures from his time out there. With a bit of luck, they will give us a better insight into a country that has so much to give to those who are willing to make the trip out there.

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  • Does Ben realise how lucky he is?
    South Africa sounds a good place to travel to but I think I will give the Ostrich ride & swimming with sharks a miss!!

  • Love the ‘Introduction to South Africa’.
    It makes you want to book a ticket and go there. Thanks

  • Shirley

    What a fantastic place to visit, so envious of you Ben. I would love to go on Safari and the scenery is breath taking. Enjoy this great experience.

  • South Africa hs to be one great destination. I recently had a guest post written by somebody who lives in Cape Town, and the choice of activities to do there is huge and exciting!

    • It sure does! I bet Ben is having a great time, I would love to visit myself at some point. I have quite a few friends who are South African so thats even more reason to do so!

  • make sure you get some footage if you do get to ride an ostrich! sounds awesome.

    • Definately! I’ll try and persuade Ben to do it if he has a chance. That would make an awesome post :p

  • Hey guys, I just discovered your blog on TBX…. I love the layout! I look forward to future posts 🙂

    • Thanks Micheal, glad you like the site! I had look at your blog yesterday too, that is a great photo you posted from Germany!

  • Really good introduction. You should create a version that people can download in PDF form – it’s really a great little primer for anyone visiting SA.

    • Thanks! Yeah that is a good idea! I think I will do that when I get a chance, and when Ben has snet back some photos.

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  • I like the the things to do para……..
    Thanks for sharing.