Who are we?

We are Jozef, Arthur and Ben, three soon to be university students from the UK who have decided to see a bit more of the world before heading back into education. At the time of writing I am 18, as is Arthur, and Ben in 19.

We are all former students of the Norton Knatchbull Grammar School in Ashford, Kent, South East England. Having finished our A levels, and in Ben’s case, the IB, we couldn’t face going straight back into education, and as a result you’re reading this blog now!

Yes, we have left planning a bit late, but what teenager wouldn’t? Luckily we have managed to get organized and are now each in the possession of a flexible round the world ticket. Starting in Brazil, we are going to be traveling overland throughout South America. We’ll then be off to New Zealand, and Finally Australia.

The main purpose of this blog is to keep in touch with our families and friends, but I hope it will also be a useful resource to those planning on doing similar things in the future, and an interesting read for those who simply like traveling and culture.

Im not sure where I read this quote, or who’s quote it is but I think it is a great way to sum up why people travel: “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.


Skiing, Yes Please!

Having been lucky enough to visit India, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Egypt, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, America, Turkey, Spain, Holland, and probably a few other places that I’ve forgotten, I’m pretty well traveled already! Saying that, I’ve never backpacked before so this will still be a a completely new and exciting experience!

After finishing Sixth Form with a deferred entry to Sussex university to study Multimedia and Digital Systems, I have been doing freelance graphic and web design to help pay for this trip!


Can't beat a bit of pink!

Arthur is the man you can rely on to broaden your music horizons and reveal to you genres that you never knew existed, artists from every corner of the world, and tracks with such unexpected basslines (yes Arthur, I’m talking about James Blake) that it would be dangerous to play them in front of your gran, for fear of a heart attack.

But strangely, I like them all! Well most…

While away, Arthur wants to write a hand written Journal. If we’re lucky I may be able to persuade him to spend some time writing on here as well.


Ben after his first ever beer!

Fresh back from a School expedition to Uganda, and recently gaining his dive master scuba diving qualification in Spain, Ben is also no stranger to travel.

Ben will probably be the one who gets us out of trouble in South America, as his Spanish is slightly less bad than Arthur’s and mine!

After our trip he plans to continue traveling, working as a scuba diving instructor or go to university to study tourism management at Portsmouth.

This Site

In case you were wondering, this site was designed by me. I used photoshop for the graphics, and the site itself runs on the wonderful WordPress. Its best viewed in CSS3 compatible browsers such as Firefox 3.6+, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9 (when its released). The site will still work in other browsers, but will lose some details such as drop shadows and rounded corners.

If I get time, I hope to eventually sell this wordpress theme on Themeforest. So keep your eyes peeled!