5 Reasons Travel Insurance is a Must!

Brighton, UK

When planning a round the world trip, or any trip in fact it can be easy to get carried away with all the exciting bits, and forget about the more boring tasks. One of these is travel insurance, and unfortunately this is something you don’t want to forget, and here’s why:

Hostels can be dodgy!

Its a fact of backpacking that every now and then you are going to come across a less than savoury hostel on your travels. Whether the hostel is in a bad location, is full of the wrong people or is just downright nasty it doesn’t matter and it is often hard to avoid especially when a lot of the time you are booking hostels online in a rush.

If you are in a shared dorm, you will be sleeping with a number of strangers the majority of whom will probably be perfectly trustworthy and others not so. It is very easy and sadly common to have your belongings stolen why you sleep, so having good travel insurance will help you sleep that little bit easier.

The world is a dangerous place.


Don't get caught in an eruption without insurance! - From Flickr

Thankfully, overall the UK is a very safe place to live. Most people have never felt an earthquake, most have never seen a forest fire, most have never experienced a landslide, most have never seen a volcano erupt and the list could go on! This isn’t the case for much of the world, and even when taking every precaution you can, its to know that if Mother Nature decides enough is enough and that so-called dormant volcano you are trekking needs to erupt, you are covered!

Your flights are cancelled/tour operator runs off etc

This can happen, and you don’t want to be left out of pocket if it does. Flights and tours can cost a lot of money and in some countries things are more likely to go wrong than others but in either case having good travel insurance will protect if anything like this happens.

Broken Finger

And this is what happens when a log meets a finger. Yes that is bone!

You could knock a log onto your finger!

Ok well I know first hand how this can happen and its not pretty! When you are on a long trip the chances of getting ill or injured at some point along the way are very high, especially if you are doing a lot of trekking and sports etc. (In my case I was just sitting around a camp fire, but that is another story!) Only when you have injured yourself, or when you are very ill will you truly value the worth of travel insurance!

Its not that expensive!

When you think about all the things good travel insurance will cover you for, it really is good value, and when there is so much competition out there sites like MoneySupermarket.com make it really easy and quick to compare all of the deals.

Of course this list is only very brief and there are a lot more reasons to get decent travel insurance. It may not be as fun as planning the rest of your trip, but you will sure be glad when you have your shiny new MacBook Pro stollen by a masked man on a donkey somewhere in the middle of the Atacama Desert!



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  • Steve M

    Great ravel insurance advice. your 1st hand experience of an accident (no pun intended), puts it into perspective

  • Jacqui

    A worthy read, you have been warned, although the photo of the finger, too much for the squeamish!!!

  • Agreed! Travel insurance is a must.

  •  Really informative and  nice awareness post thanks to share it with us

  • Great article, You raised a vital point here that most of travelers forget or ignore. but insurance is quite important that provide you a safer side and protect you in stranger places. thanks for sharing.

  • I personally was very ill in Malaysia (infection and dehydration) and I quickly learned my lesson about having travel insurance after getting a rather ‘alarming’ bill from the doctor.

  • sarah annie

    Its a very nice post on travel insurance.Everyone can like it.


  • Chelsea Taxis

    Nice of you to take the time to write all this!. Thanks for sharing.


  • Ryan

    Travel insurance is a must. For those who partake in self-catering holiday, be sure that your travel insurance also include content insurance (rather than the normal health insurance alone). here’s more on the topic http://www.affairtravel.com/blog/post/2012/04/07/Benefits-Of-Holiday-Villa-Insurance.aspx



  • Pedro

    Travel insurance protects traveller if somthing go wrong during trip . So travel insurance is a must for every traveller . Don’t forget it .


  • Suki F

    I also thing that everyone should get one. Nothing beats being able to relax because there is someone backing me up in case of an emergency.

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