Top five destinations for your gap year

Brighton, UK

So you’re considering taking a year out and seeing the world. There’s a lot to do and see out there, so what’s the next step?

Well, why not have a look at some of our suggestions to get the ball rolling; then shop around to see who offers cheap flight tickets to your dream destination. Always remember to ensure you have a ‘Work Permit’ if you think you’ll need to work. And if you’re travelling with your friends, don’t forget your head-phones for a bit of peace and quiet?

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5 Reasons Travel Insurance is a Must!

When planning a round the world trip, or any trip in fact it can be easy to get carried away with all the exciting bits, and forget about the more boring tasks. One of these is travel insurance, and unfortunately this is something you don’t want to forget, and here’s why:

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Why I Need To Go To Thailand

Thailand Beach

Now that our round the world adventure is finished, and summer is fast approaching, the travel bug is kicking back in and I am frantically looking for new places to visit. With this in mind Thailand is high up the list, and here’s why!

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Blogs You Should Probably Follow

Best Of The Web

A quick Google for “Travel Blogs” will result in a huge number of results! There are loads out there, and its nice to know that you’re in good company company while traveling. During our planning phase and in my spare time I read a lot of these blogs, and those below are some of my favourites that should help give you ideas for more exciting holidays and trips.

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Cochabamba – South America’s Biggest Market

After the colder climbs and mines of Potosi, we looked for a place at lower altitude and the next logical place seemed to be Cochabamba. Cochabamba is most well known for its gigantic market, but is also home to a Christ statue that exceeds the height of Rio’s!

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The Inca Jungle Trail – Part 2

Amazing Jungle Inca Trail Views

After a great first day on the Inca Jungle Trail we were looking very forward to the remaining three days! We had two long treks ahead of us, and then of course, the world famous Machu Picchu. Read on to find out about the treks on day two and three and our thoughts on the Reserve Cusco Agency.

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Potosi: Above and Below ground

Potosi Mines

Our next location on the round the world travels was the worlds highest city, Potosi, at 4100m above sea level. Our time in Potosi coincided with the Carnival as did it in Sucre and Cochabamba which meant that some of the more touristy attractions were closed, but we did get to experience more of Bolivian Carnival as well as being able to see Potosi’s fantastic and fascinating silver mines.

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