Why I Need To Go To Thailand

Thailand Beach

Brighton, UK

Now that our round the world adventure is finished, and summer is fast approaching, the travel bug is kicking back in and I am frantically looking for new places to visit. With this in mind Thailand is high up the list, and here’s why!

Thailand is Affordable

There’s no denying things have changed since the last trip. I’m a student now. In fact I am actually sat here writing this from my student halls at Sussex University in the UK. As great as this is, it means that I definitely can’t go blowing all my savings on a round the world trip like I did last time! Luckily there are an abundance of cheap flights to Thailand these days, and once you’re out there things stay very affordable!

There are currently 48.67 Thai Baht to 1 British Pound, which means you can find hostels for well under £10 a night, and often much closer to the £5 mark. If only my uni accommodation was that cheap!

Thai Street Food

There is plenty more where this came from! - From Flickr

Thai Food

Ok, so the boring bit out of the way, nobody goes anywhere just because its cheap, the food in Thailand is also another temptation. First there is the street food. Our previous travels in South America taught us very well that street food is often a good bet, and my sauces (pun intended :p) tell me that Thai will be no different!

From what I have heard Bangkok and the other large cities are overflowing with street food vendors and according to some, the fried chicken in Thailand is the best in the world. Being a student I eat a lot of noodles so it will be nice to replace my super noodles with the genuine thing!

If you feel like treating yourself, the cities are also filled to the brim with authentic Thai restaurants. I have eaten Thai food here in the UK on a number of occasions and it was very nice, but I can almost guarantee that the restaurants out there will be better.

Thai Beach

I can never get over the colour of the sea! - From Flickr

The Beaches

I live by the beach in the UK, so its only natural that I like beaches a lot, and Thailand has some of the most stunning beaches in the world! The water is warm and clear, with a bright turquoise tint to it which I have never seen anywhere else in the world. The beaches are often surrounded by impressive rocky cliffs covered in lush green foliage, and the sand is golden and fine. When most people imagine paradise in their heads, I think they will be thinking of something very close to the beaches of Thailand!

Obviously I have only brushed the surface here. If I were to write about every reason I wanted to visit Thailand, this post would soon turn into a full length novel! But anyway, I need to get saving, and if anyone has any good recommendations or suggestions relating to Thailand I would love to hear them. Bye for now.


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  • Kay

    Hey Jozef I had a friend who went out there over most of last summer (he has family out there as well, so he knows it quite well). Could get him to give you some tips and stuff if you like 🙂 

  • Jacquimaxted

    Great read as always & at least I know what you are saving for now ;op xx

  • Steve M

    Although an exotic location, sounds good value and affordable for Students and adventurers alike.
    Thanks for the info

  • Buddy Sounds Good Let me share it with my friend and we will decided to go for its in couple of month nice post 

  • Sounds like a great goal.  I think that Thailand might also be next on my list.  Beautiful oceans are also in the Caribbean.  My first time snorkeling there I feel like it was a dream.  Neon colored coral and fishes.  Stunning.  Love looking at the world from under the sea.  Look forward to hearing about your next travel. 

    •  From the photos, videos, traveler accounts and research I can definitely say that Thailand is on the bucket list for me.

  • Thailand can sure be an addicting place to visit!  Aside from the fantastic beaches I’m a big fan of heading up north.

  • Awesome post, love the Thai food and absolutely agree that if you want the real taste of Thailand go to street food. Most of the people are unaware with this thing and miss the actual taste.

  • Great….I read it without getting bored. Thanks

  • You absolutely need to go! I went last year and it was the most incredible place I’ve ever been. Plus, you’re right the food is amazing!

  • Tom

    I love Thailand! Scrumptious food and great people, beautiful beaches, island life and more! I’m going back early next year and can’t wait.

  • Lauren Conrad

    This is superb post about Thailand, I never been in Thailand but I have hear Thailand is world best destination for traveling. There are amazing & beautiful beaches, destination & delicious food those attract people toward Thailand.

    more here:-


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    Thailand is one of the best countries in the world because it offers nothing but the best. It has pristine beaches, tasteful cuisines, nice people and panoramic setting which makes you decide to live in this place. http://www.backcountrynavigator.com/

  • Fabiana

    I have heard amazing things about Thailand but for me it is the food! 🙂