The Inca Jungle Trail – Part 2

Amazing Jungle Inca Trail Views


Santa Teresa, Peru

After a great first day on the Inca Jungle Trail we were looking very forward to the remaining three days! We had two long treks ahead of us, and then of course, the world famous Machu Picchu. Read on to find out about the treks on day two and three and our thoughts on the Reserve Cusco Agency.

Walking The High Jungle

Lipstick plant markings on our faces

Juan Carlos insited we used the lipstick plant to make markings on our faces!

An early wake up call, followed by a hearty breakfast containing plenty of fresh fruit, juices and teas sets you up nicely for the long walk from Santa Maria to St Teresa. After stocking up on water, we began our trek following the river we had rafted on yesterday, allowing us to once again to realise how crazy we must have been to set foot any where near its raging waters!

Once again, Juan Carlos, our guide proved himself to be excellent. His knowledge on the area, the Inca Empire, and the plants around us was second to none, and before we knew it we where covered in a red plant that is the basis for a lot of lipsticks. Juan Carlos told us how it is great for helping wounds heal over as it has antibacterial properties, and it helps the body form a natural barrier to infection. Arthur had a couple of cuts and grazes from

Sacred Coca Plant

The Coca plant, Sacred to the Inkas and still a very important part of Peruvian and Bolivian culture today, but highly illegal in most modern developed countries.

biking so we went ahead and covered them in the plant. Sure enough it worked! Within two or three days the cuts had almost completely healed.

As well as the huge number of wild plants around you, one plant you can’t avoid is the sacred and controversial Coca plant. The mountains are lined with Coca plantations and on multiple occasions you will walk through them and get the chance to take a closer look at the Inca’s sacred plant.

Stunning Views and Steep Climbs

Along the length of the trek you are treated to breathtaking views. Like most things, you are required to work for your rewards, and parts of the trek are very steep following winding tracks up through coffee and coca farms. Fortunately, Juan Carlos allowed us to go at our own pace with plenty of stops along the way, and anyway, the hard work just makes the amazing views you see all the more rewarding as you reach them.

Inka Steps

Arthur and Ben make there way down (slowly!) some of the original Inca steps on the trail.

One thing you will learn on the treks is that the Inkas were definitely not scared of heights! Some of the paths and steps you follow are surrounded by very steep, and very tall cliffs and drops. For us that wasn’t a problem as none of us are scared by heights, and if anything it added to the awesomeness of the views. At the same time it is completely safe and Juan Carlos kept good care of us.

Halfway through the trek you stop for a lunch, the kind of lunch that would keep you perfectly satisfied if you had it for dinner, complete with a soup a main course and a desert! This sets you up nicely for the second half of the walk and before you know it in a couple of hours time you will be at the second hostel ready to put up your feet and relax after a hard days walking. Awesome!

Day Three Trek

Another early start followed by breakfast, in our case omelettes! This time you a completing the final part of the walking from St Teresa to Aquas Calientes which is essentially a town right at the base of Machu Picchu.

Wooden Bridge Jungle Inca Trail

Bridges liek this are a common occurance along the treks!

Along the way we had already come across some pretty awesome bridges, wooden logs carefully wedged between ravines, rope suspension bridges etc but on day three we came across an entirely different way of crossing deadly rapids! Fairly near the beginning of the trek you come across a large raging river that needs to be crossed.

Say hello to the hand operated cable car! Somebody obviously thought a bridge wasn’t adequate in this situation so decided that pulling yourself across the powerful waters in a small basket suspended precariously above would be a much better idea. I agree, this is ten times more fun and interesting than walking across your average bridge!

This trek takes you through some very “jungley” areas and we followed quite a lot of the path that the Machu Picchu train takes through the jungle. There is plenty of wildlife surrounding you but Juan Carlos surprised us by telling us that bears live here too! Best keep walking!

Inca Sacrifice Table

Us about to sacrifice a dog on the Inca sacrificial table. Only Joking!

As we came near to Machu Picchu we got our first glimpse of Inca ruins when we found an ancient sacrificial area. Juan Carlos told us about the rituals that would have been held there which only got us more excited for Machu Picchu itself!

Eventually we reached Aquas Calientes which is situated alongside one of the roughest rivers I have ever seen, glad we weren’t rafting down this one. The hard part was done, now we could look forward to the 4:00am wake up call to set of to Machu Picchu the following day. It had been hard work getting there, but it was extremely rewarding and we had had a great time learning about the Incas and Peru and its politics in general from Juan Carlos! Can’t really think of a better way to spend two days!


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  • Lucy

    Fabulous blog about the trek and video of the river crossing, how long did Ben and Arthur sit in the basket?
    Presume we will now have loads more blogs now that you are home Zef? Keep them coming!

  • Jacqui

    Great read, great info, great scenery & what a great adventure. Loved the lipstick plant face painting too!!

  • Aviewtoathrill

    Classic….the old saying that necessity is the mother of invention is a truism…..genius!  I think you made a great decision in hiring that guide….the time, money and frustration saved is worth whatever you paid him!

  • Y Bates

    What a great guide.  Made the experience so memorable I’m sure.  Something you will never forget.

  • I would be “not so much” on the bridge…

    • Haha, guessing you’re not the kind of person to bounce them deliberately then!

  • interested to hear whether you tried the coca leaves or not? when we were in peru we got stuck into the tea. was pretty good really. gladyour guide was good. can really make the difference to a tour i reckon!

    • The tea is great for getting you up in the morning! The leaves don’t taste too nice on their own though. A good guide does make all the difference. You know the guide was good when you are still in contact after the trip!

  • Steve Maxted

    Very coloufully expressed. Can’t waity to read the next bit -visiting Machu Pichu.
    The route you took sounded challenging yet very rewarding. The views and scenery are breathtaking.
    Well done

  • Looks like an awesome time and a fun hike.  Those are some crazy rapids though!

    • I know! The rapids at Aquas Calientes are even worse!

  •  The reward of incredible views has always been worth the effort of a challenging hike.  I imagine Machu Picchu has to be one of the best in terms of payback on that hard work.

    • Definitely! When you finally reach Machu Picchu its such a great feeling.

  • Sounds like you had one great adventure.  Beautiful pictures.  A friend of mine did this in early spring.  An amazing trek to an awesome place.

  • Ahhhh – we just did this a few weeks ago – so tough!!!

  • Thanks for the recommendation. We’re looking for a good agency to arrange our trek when we’re in Peru. Should be there in a month or so (still in Ecuador currently). Can’t wait!

    • Yes would highly recommend. Liek most tours in South America you hear horror stories about certain companies but I’d say Reserve Cusco are definitely a safe bet.

  • Travel Agents India

    nice pics……… its really true walking in a high jungle is very amazing ,dangerous, and memorable.


  • Arturo

    nice trip …&  good company

  • wondrful pic and amazing sight seeing i wish to accompany you plz visit us to know more

  • Great story! I just got back form Peru and had a blast in Macchu Picchu. DID NOT DO THE TRAIL  THOUGH! Would have liked to but my female counter part probably would not have. Great story! 


  • Lauren Conrad

    Wonderful post with amazing & unforgettable pictures



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  • The best way to travel to Machu Picchu…
    Some preparation needed, though…

  • Miguel Angel

    Walking along the Inca jungle trail is an indescribable adventure, because on the route it is impossible not to be impressed by the enormous beauty of the jungle en route to Machu Picchu.

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    it´s a best trip i am
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